surgery pre-surgery instructions

  • Dr. Schreiber’s surgery scheduler will call you once the surgery has been approved by your insurance. This is typically within one week. She will discuss your options regarding surgery date and location

  • Surgery to the hand is an outpatient procedure, typically done with sedation given through an IV.  No intubation or breathing tube is necessary.  You will need someone with you to drive you home.  While taking pain medication, it is not safe to drive

    • For smaller procedures, Dr. Schreiber will numb the area by injecting local anesthesia (lidocaine) at the surgery site

    • For larger procedures, an anesthesiologist will perform a “nerve block”. This is an injection near your shoulder, which will numb your entire arm for the following 12-24 hours

  • You will receive a call the day before surgery giving you an arrival time

  • You cannot eat or drink anything after midnight the day before your surgery. The only exception will be your morning medications (blood pressure, seizure medications) with a small sip of water